Most Dot Balls In IPL

Most Dot Balls In IPL 2024

Most Dot Balls In IPL 2024: IPL fans have been entertained a lot this season. The batsmen have scored a lot of runs from fours and sixes and have performed brilliantly. The season cannot be called very special for the bowlers. Although some bowlers have done their work in a better way.

Dotting the ball in T20 cricket is also considered a special skill. Despite this season being a season of runs, some bowlers have been successful in doing so. Indians have names in the top 5. There is no foreign bowler among those who have bowled the most dot balls.

Let’s move on to the topic and discuss ‘Most Dot Balls In IPL 2024‘:

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Most Dot Balls In IPL 2024

Mohammed Shami-

The first name in this list is that of Mohammed Shami. This season, Mohammed Shami has shown excellent bowling. Shami achieved the top position by bowling 172 dot balls in 14 matches. Apart from this, he has taken 24 wickets. He is at the number one position in the Purple Cap race.

Mohammed Siraj-

Another Indian bowler has made it to this list at the second position. Mohammad Siraj has bowled 161 dot balls after playing 14 matches this season. During this period, Siraj showed his edge in bowling and took 19 wickets. However, his team RCB was out.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar-

Famous for his line and length, Bhuvneshwar Kumar also made his name on this list. Bhuvi bowled 128 dot balls while playing a total of 14 matches. Apart from this, Bhuvneshwar also took 16 wickets. Bhuvneshwar also did the feat of taking 5 wickets once in an innings.

Varun Chakraborty-

KKR’s mystery spinner Varun Chakraborty also made his place among the top 5 bowlers who bowled dot balls. Varun bowled dot balls 124 times while playing 14 matches. He has made fourth position in the list and this season he took 20 wickets while bowling with excellent line and length.

Tushar Deshpande (Most Dot Balls In IPL 2024)-

Under the leadership of Dhoni, this bowler demonstrated very impressive bowling. Tushar Deshpande bowled 122 dot balls in 14 matches played before the playoffs. Apart from this, he also did not lag in taking wickets. Deshpande has taken a total of 20 wickets.

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