Updated: Most Dangerous Team In IPL History? 2024

Most Dangerous Team In IPL 2024 – IPL Most Dangerous Team 2024: If you like watching cricket, then you must know this, IPL 2024 will start on March 2024, and all of you will be watching your favorite team from now on, along with many of our brothers be thinking. Which team will win IPL 2024?

Many people will also be searching on Google, which the Most Dangerous Team In IPL? 2024, if you are confused about this thing then this article will prove to be very beneficial for you,

In this article, we have shared with you complete detailed information about which has been the Most Dangerous Team In IPL in 2024.

Most Dangerous Team In IPL 2024

IPL was started in the year 2008 and now 16 seasons of IPL have been completed. The 17th season of IPL is going to happen in the year 2024, and in this year 2024, we can consider “Mumbai Indians” as the most dangerous team of IPL.

The performance of the Mumbai Indians team is seen as very poor at the beginning of all the IPL tournaments, but as the IPL reaches its peak. When the IPL progresses, the performance of the Mumbai Indians team is seen.

As the IPL starts coming to an end, it becomes a big headache for the other winning teams because in the last phase of the IPL. The Mumbai Indians team is seen in its full form, which will be very difficult for the other teams to defeat. goes.

IPL 2024 Dangerous Team

Most of the players in Mumbai Indians are young, and Rohit Sharma, who is the captain of the Mumbai Indians team, is the first to open to boost the morale of his team. Also, the pair of “Pandya and Pollard” in the team hits sixes from all types of bowlers with their batting.

As long as the pair of these 2 best men are together on the pitch of the match, it is impossible to stop them from scoring runs, and if Talking about the bowling, Bumrah’s bowling seems to be on fire in Mumbai Indians.

In the 15 IPL seasons held so far, the Mumbai Indians team has won 5 IPL trophies and for all these reasons, the Mumbai Indians team is called the most dangerous team of IPL.

Which is the Dangerous team in IPL 2024

The second most dangerous team of IPL is “Chennai Super Kings”. CSK have won 5 seasons of the IPL Trophy, and for your information, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is said to be the life of Chennai Super Kings.

And in this year 2024, Chennai Super Kings can give a big competition to the Mumbai Indians team. So, we can say in IPL 2024 there will be Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are the IPL Dangerous Team 2024.

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