Most Catches In World Cup

Most Catches In World Cup

Most Catches In World Cup History: To win a big tournament like the World Cup, it is most important that you play well in all three departments. Your bowling, batting and fielding should be tremendous.

Often teams pay more attention to bowling and batting but do not pay that much attention to fielding. But fielding is very important because a catch taken at a crucial time can change the entire match.

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Most Catches In T20 World Cup:

Apart from ground fielding, catching is also very important. We have seen on many occasions that one catch changed the direction and condition of the entire tournament.

Although many players have taken many catches in the World Cup so far, but we will tell you about those 3 players who have taken the most catches in the T20 Betting World Cup so far.

3. Martin Guptill

New Zealand’s legendary batsman Martin Guptill is also a great fielder. You will remember how he had run out MS Dhoni in the semi-final match of the 2019 World Cup and the Indian team was out of the World Cup after losing that match.

Martin Guptill has often led his team to victory by taking catches or running out at critical junctures. Martin Guptill has so far played a total of 28 matches in the World Cup from 2009 to 2021 and has taken 19 catches during this period.

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2. David Warner

Australian team’s legendary explosive batsman David Warner is in second place on this list. David Warner is Australia’s leading opening batsman but along with this, he is also a very strong fielder.

David Warner is often seen fielding at a place where the chances of the ball going are highest. David Warner has played a total of 34 T20 matches from 2009 to 2022 and during this period he has taken 21 catches.

1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers holds the record for most catches in the T20 World Cup. AB de Villiers is as good a batsman as he is a good fielder. You have seen examples of his excellent fielding many times in IPL.

AB de Villiers played a total of 30 matches in the T20 World Cup from 2007 to 2016 and during this period he took a total of 23 catches in 25 innings.

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Most Catches In ODI World Cup

The final match of ODI World Cup 2023 is over. The Australian cricket team won the title by defeating the Indian cricket team. In this entire tournament, many players won the hearts of the audience with their excellent fielding, while some also fielded very poorly.

Most Catches In Cricket World Cup

Many tremendous catches were also seen throughout the tournament. The difference between victory and defeat was also due to excellent fielding.

4. Ben Stokes – Sybrand Engelbrecht – Devon Conway – Mitchell Starc

4 players have taken 6-6 catches in the tournament. These players were Ben Stokes of England, Siebrand Engelbrecht of the Netherlands, Devon Conway of New Zealand and Mitchell Starc of Australia.

Starc and Stokes also took 3-3 catches in 1 match. The teams of England and Netherlands could not reach the semi-finals. Had he arrived, Stokes and Sybrand’s record would have been even better. In batting, Stokes had scored 304 runs in 6 matches.

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3. Ravindra Jadeja – David Miller

Indian team’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and South Africa cricket team’s David Miller have taken 7 catches each in this World Cup. Jadeja had taken a maximum of 3 catches in his name in 1 match.

Talking about Miller, he took a maximum of 2 catches in 1 match. Both these players contributed to the team’s victory on many occasions with their tremendous fielding.

2. Marnus Labuschagne – David Warner

Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne finished jointly second in this World Cup in terms of catches. He took 8 catches in 11 matches. His team’s David Warner also took 8 catches in his name while playing 11 matches in this World Cup.

Both the players have taken a maximum of 2-2 catches in 1 match. Warner and Labuschagne also did amazing fielding on the field and saved many runs for their team.
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1. Daryl Mitchell

Even though the New Zealand cricket team lost its semi-final match against India in this World Cup, their fielders performed amazingly throughout the tournament.

The team’s star batsman Daryl Mitchell took the maximum number of 11 catches in the tournament. He achieved this feat in 10 matches. This New Zealand player took a maximum of 3 catches in 1 match, while batting, this player also scored 552 runs in 10 matches.

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