ICC Head Office: Where Is ICC Headquarter Located? 2024

ICC Head Office: Where Is ICC Headquarter Located? 2024: You must have watched a cricket match at some point in time. While watching the game, you must have heard the word ‘ICC’ many times. But do you know about it? If not, then you must read this article.

Now, let’s move on to the main topic ‘ICC Head Office‘ and ‘Where Is ICC Headquarter Located?‘:

Where Is ICC Headquarter Located (ICC Head Office)?

The full form of ICC is the International Cricket Council. ICC is the international governing body of cricket. In 1909, it was established as the “Imperial Cricket Conference” by representatives of England, Australia and South Africa. In 1965, its name was changed to “International Cricket Conference”.

In 1989, it was given the current name “International Cricket Council” (ICC). Apart from this, the headquarter of International Cricket Council is in Dubai (UAE – United Arab Emirates). The current chairman of the ICC is Greg Barclay.

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How Many Members Are There In the International Cricket Council?

The ICC has a total of 105 members, out of which 10 are full members who are Test match-playing countries. At the same time, there are 39 associate members and 56 Affiliate Members.

Functions Of The International Cricket Council

The ICC is responsible for organizing major international cricket tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup. It appoints all umpires and referees who are responsible for the successful conduct of all Test matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals.

The ICC also lays down the code of conduct for cricket, and professional standards of discipline, and takes action against corruption and match-fixing. However, it is worth noting that the ICC does not make any rules and regulations regarding domestic cricket competitions held in member countries.

The International Cricket Council monitors cricket’s playing conditions, bowling action reviews, and other ICC rules. However, the ICC does not have the copyright of the laws related to the game. These copyrights are with the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the only body with the right to change the rules of cricket.

However, the MCC has to consult the ICC for any change in the rules. ICC also has a “Code of Conduct” to make cricket transparent, which is mandatory for all teams and players to follow (in all international matches). Any breach or violation of this “Code of Conduct” may result in ICC sanctions such as a financial fine or a ban for a few years.

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What Are The Sources Of Income Of ICC?

The main source of income of ICC is organizing tournaments (mainly Cricket World Cup). ICC distributes a large part of its income among its member countries. Between 2007 and 2015, ICC earned 1.6 billion US dollars from sponsorship and television rights. Other sources of income for ICC include income from ICC membership and sponsorship and income from investments.

How Much Income Does ICC Earn?

According to the current income distribution rules, out of the total income of ICC (2.5 billion dollars), the Board of Control for Cricket in India gets 20.3%, the England Cricket Board gets 4.4% and the Australia Board gets 2.7%. Apart from this, the surplus income is distributed among all the associate members.

As per the current model, the Board of Control for Cricket in India is to get $440-445 million (approximately Rs 2973.5 crores) in the period 2015-2023 but if the new rules of revenue distribution are implemented in ICC then it may have to suffer a loss of $180-190 million.

BCCI Revenue Break-Up

It is worth noting here that ICC does not get any revenue from tournaments (Test matches, One Day International and Twenty-20 International) held between two countries because the cricket boards of member countries have the right over the revenue of these matches.

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