ICC Full Form In Cricket 2024

ICC Full Form In Cricket: The work of ICC is to make new rules for cricket and implement them. Friends, ICC also works to rank teams along with the players. ICC does many other works like the appointment of umpires and referees for international matches is also done by this organization.

The work of banning a team or player, if the player violates the rules, is also done by this organization.

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ICC Full Form In Cricket 2024:

The full form of ICC is the International Cricket Council.

What Is ICC?

The ICC is the worldwide governing body of the game of cricket, founded in 1909. The ICC currently has 104 member countries, of which 12 are full members and 92 are associate members.

The ICC is responsible for setting the rules and regulations of cricket and organizing and operating international cricket matches and tournaments. Some of the most prominent tournaments of the ICC include the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Women’s World Cup.

The ICC also plays an important role in the development and promotion of cricket. The ICC strives to introduce new rules and formats for cricket, as well as to take cricket to new areas.

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When And Who Founded ICC?

When we talk about establishing this organization, the ICC was established on 15 June 1909. In the beginning, only Australia, England and South Africa became members, in India it got full membership in 1926.

The headquarters of ICC is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the name of the chairman of ICC is Shashank Manohar, and the name of its president is Zaheer Abbas.

If we talk about its CEO, then the name of the CEO of ICC is Manu Sahni, the number of its member countries is 106, and the number of countries playing test matches is 10, there are 38 associate members while 57 affiliate member countries are included in it.

Know History Of The International Cricket Council (ICC)

The history of the International Cricket Council is very old. The Imperial Cricket Conference was established in 1909 and lasted till 1963. In 1964, the International Cricket Conference was held which included non-Test playing countries. In the year 1989, the name of the council was changed to International Cricket Council which is called ICC in short.

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How Many Countries In The World Play Cricket And Are ICC Members?

ICC is a twelve governing body of teams with full voting rights within the International Cricket Council (ICC) and plays official Test matches.

Following are the names of those countries:

  • Afghanistan – 2017
  • Australia – 1909
  • Bangladesh – 2000
  • England – 1909
  • India – 1926
  • Ireland – 2017
  • New Zealand – 1926
  • Pakistan – 1952
  • South Africa – 1909
  • Sri Lanka – 1981
  • West Indies – 1926
  • Zimbabwe – 1992

International Cricket Council Associate Members – Governing bodies in over 90 countries where cricket is firmly established & organised but full membership has not yet been granted.


What Is ICC?

The ICC is an International Cricket Council, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the organization of world cricket and aims to promote cricket globally.

What Is The Main Function Of The ICC?

The main function of the ICC is to manage cricket at the international level. It organizes various types of cricket tournaments, enforces the rules of cricket, and takes many important initiatives for the international promotion of cricket.

What Is The Full Form Of ICC?

The full form of ICC is the International Cricket Council.

When Did The Imperial Cricket Conference start?

The Imperial Cricket Conference was established on 15 June 1909.

What is the number of full member countries of the International Cricket Council?

At present, it has 12 full members.

Who is the Chairman of the ICC?

At present (2024) the President of the ICC (International Cricket Council) is Greg Barclay. He has been in this position since November 2020.

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