ICC Cricket World Cup Fantasy: Everything You Need To Know 2024

ICC Cricket World Cup Fantasy: Be it the IPL or ICC T20 World Cup 2024, you must have heard or seen about fantasy cricket everywhere. Especially during the IPL, fantasy cricket is mostly heard.

In such a situation, this question must have come to your mind What Is Fantasy Cricket? And we will know about the ICC Cricket World Cup Fantasy in detail.

So let’s move towards the main topic and know about ‘ICC cricket world cup fantasy‘:

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What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a game where each player can make a team of 11. He can select players from a pool of 25 or 30. After the game starts, users get points for the team’s 11 players based on their performance in the actual match. These points are given to them based on runs, wickets and catches.

To put it simply, this is where the thrill of real fantasy cricket is found. There are different daily fantasy cricket formats to choose from. Players can choose the format they want from the device of their choice and enjoy the fantasy game.

There are two ways to choose your dream cricket game – you can either choose free fantasy sports or paid sports. Some people think that fantasy sports are like T20 cricket betting.

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ICC Cricket World Cup Fantasy:

To join an ICC Cricket World Cup fantasy, you have to join a match and choose a team that will include batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers and all-rounder players. Along with this, you also have to select the team captain and vice-captain. But what precisely makes fantasy cricket so interesting? Well, there is more than one reason.

Create your team:

Fantasy games put you in control. You create your team and then enjoy winning matches. So, you can leave behind the disappointment of watching a team play that you don’t agree with.

Exciting matches:

India fantasy cricket never lets you slack off. It is like you are playing every match with the team. You can never get tired of it.

Winning factor:

One of the good rewarding ways to spend your free time. When you play fantasy cricket and win daily cash, you not only get an adrenaline rush but also a sense of accomplishment. You can win good cash rewards and attractive prizes. To improve your skills, you can always use fantasy cricket tips and become a pro in this game. So, start playing fantasy games now with us.

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Why Fantasy Games?

When it comes to cricket, we all get excited. As a true cricket fan, fantasy games are something you will love. It not only lets you use your knowledge of the game but also improves your skills and strategy of picking the best team 11 for this fantasy game. Of course, as you put the team together, you also win big cash prizes as the game unfolds in its true form.

Fantasy cricket matches are easy to get started. Just register and start playing from wherever you are. The challenges are there and the excitement is unstoppable. What makes it so unique? The smart way to enjoy it and win cash and your passion at the same time.

You can even play fantasy cricket instantly. Register with us and choose an open fantasy league. Each match you choose will let you play based on several factors, such as match result, best bowler, best batsman, etc. Once you have the basics down, you are all set to challenge your opponents. You score points if the game goes as you expect. To be the winner, your knowledge of the game will be of utmost importance.

Excited to get started, then IndiBet, Orbit Exchange and 96in.com are the places for you. Play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, as you show your knowledge and skill for the game. You can also invite your friends and enjoy exclusive referral bonuses as well. It will be a season of unparalleled excitement, thrill and intense gameplay.

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Is Playing Fantasy Cricket Safe And Legal?

Make the most of your cricket experience and that too in the safest way possible. Daily fantasy cricket is legal to play in India. Whether you opt for free cricket games or want to win cash prizes, you can do both with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Our payment gateway is completely secure, and the winning amount is transferred to your account. Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game that does not come under gambling and is 100% legal in India.

IndiBet, Orbit Exchange and 96in.com are a part of Betfair, which runs India’s largest online casino website. This site is a great sports platform with 10+ million players and multiple gaming apps.

Players can enjoy dream cricket with a smooth, fast and secure game platform. Download our apps or simply register with us and start playing fantasy cricket leagues.

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