Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024

Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024

List Of Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024: Friends, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has long been an avenue for Indian cricket talent, providing a platform for young players to showcase their skills on the global stage.

This time a total of 332 players were auctioned in the IPL 2024 auction but only 72 of them were bought by the franchises in the IPL. Many young cricket players are going to make their debut this year i.e. in IPL 2024.

So let’s know about the “Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024“:

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List Of Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024

In the following table, we’ll learn about ‘youngest player in ipl 2024‘. So let’s see the table:

Name Age Team
Aravelly Avanish Rao 18 CSK
Swastik Chhikara 18 DC
Musheer Khan 19 PK
Angkrish Raghuvanshi 18 KKR
Saurav Chauhan 20 RCB
Sheikh Rashid 19 CSK
Nitish Kumar Reddy 20 SRH
Nitish Kumar Reddy 21 RR
Atharva Taide 22 PK

Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024

Aravelly Avanish Rao:

Indian team’s wicketkeeper-batsman Aravelly Avanish Rao is making waves. Strong in both aspects of the game, Rao’s skill behind the stumps and with the bat makes him a versatile player.

As if he had entered the tournament of this IPL 2024. The franchise predicted the future of this player and started making efforts to secure this player with the best potential. He is the youngest player in ipl history.

Swastik Chikara:

The 20-year-old, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, is a fast bowler who has already featured in a few games in the list. He is an aggressive player who breaks the back of the batting lineup.

This is a young batsman and bowler, whom we call an all-rounder. The franchises that were looking for this fearless batsman found Chhikara’s skill set to suit the needs of their team and hence he got a place in this IPL.

He be the ipl youngest player 2024.

Musheer Khan

19-year-old Musheer Khan is already following in the footsteps of his brother Sarfaraz Khan who is a well-known name in Indian cricket.

Muslims named in Indian squad for 2024 Under-19 World Cup The country brings experience and youth to the fight for IPL 2024.

His ability has greatly influenced the youth, hence IPL franchises are keen to invest in him as he can become a valuable asset.

Angkrish Raghuvanshi

Kolkata Knight Riders bought 10 players in the 2024 IPL auction, which also included the name of Mumbai Indians’ 18-year-old player Ankrit Raghuvanshi.

He became a part of the auction for Rs 20 lakh. It is expected that Raghuvanshi will try to make lotus with his bat in the 2024 IPL. This player Matra is also 18 years old.

Saurav Chauhan

Sourav Chauhan made his IPL debut in the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in 2022. The 23-year-old Sourav Chauhan holds the record for the highest strike rate in an innings in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Sheikh Rashid

Sheikh Rashid is going to debut for Chennai Super Kings this time in IPL 2024. This 19-year-old player hailing from Andhra Pradesh is known for his batting.

Chennai Super King has bought it for Rs 20 lakh. It has won a few trophies for cricket over the years, including the Ranji Trophy and the Syed Mushtaq Trophy.

Nitish Kumar Reddy

Andhra Pradesh Gaya all-rounder Nitish Kumar Reddy is going to be a part of Sunrisers Hyderabad team. Sunrisers Hyderabad have secured Nitish Kumar for their team for Rs 20 lakh.

He is a fast bowler, who is known for his bowling. Let us hope that the player will perform well for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Kunal Singh Rathore

Kunal Singh Rathore has been bought by Rajasthan Royals in the 2024 IPL for Rs 20 lakh. He is only 21 years old and has become the youngest batsman to play for Rajasthan.

Atharva Taide (Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024)

This player is 22 years old, he is going to debut for Punjab Kings in the 2024 IPL season. He has secured it for his team in Punjab Kings for Rs 25 lakh. He has previously played in leagues like Ranji Trophy and Syed Mushtaq Trophy.


Name List Of Top 10 Youngest Players To Debut In IPL 2024:

  • Aravelly Avinash Rao
  • Swastika Chikara
  • Musheer Khan
  • Angkrish Raghuvanshi
  • Saurav Chauhan
  • Sheikh Rashid
  • Nitish Kumar Reddy
  • Kunal Singh Rathore
  • Atharva Tayde

How many players will participate in IPL 2024?

A total of 72 new players will participate in IPL 2024.

Which team will Araveli Avinash Rao play for?

Aravali Avinash Rao will play for Chennai Super Kings. He is an 18-year-old player.

Which team will Swastik Chhikara play for?

Swastik Chhikara will play for Delhi Capitals. Here the player is 18 years old and is known for his bowling.

Which team will Musheer Khan play for in the IPL 2024?

Musheer Khan will play for Punjab Kings in the IPL or the player is only 19 years old.

How much are the total players bought in IPL 2024?

Around Rs 274 crore has been spent on the total players purchased in IPL 2024.

When did the IPL season start?

The IPL season started in the year 2008 and is still going on till now and will continue.

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