New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season

New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season

New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season: The Indian Premier League 2024 has started. This is the 17th season of this mega IPL tournament and a total of 10 teams will participate in it.

In the IPL 2024, along with the rain of runs, there is also a flurry of wickets. Every year some major changes take place in the world’s biggest cricket tournament, which makes this league even more exciting.

There is a rules and regulations book of IPL that everyone from players to umpires has to follow. There are many rules in this which can change the course of the match. These will also be used in IPL 2024.

In such a situation, we are going to learn about the ‘8 New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season Team‘ of this tournament which makes it special.

8 New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season

Every year BCCI add some new rules to the “IPL Rule And Regulation Book”. Now, let’s see BCCI New Rules For Domestic Cricket:

1. Wide And No Ball Review

A new rule was implemented in 2023 to benefit teams playing both bowling and batting in the Indian Premier League 2024. According to this, if an umpire declares the ball wide or no ball, then DRS can also be used against the umpire’s decision.

In this, the third umpire checks and if the ball falls inside the wide line then the umpire has to change the decision. The batting team can also take DRS while demanding a wide ball.

2. Strategic Timeout Will Happen Twice

Like every year in IPL 2024, this time also strategic timeout will happen twice during an innings. Under this, the bowling team can take a break of 2 minutes between 6-9 overs.

During this time, the coach and staff of the bowling team come to the field and explain the further planning. Whereas the batting team can use it between 13 to 16 overs.

3. Impact Player Rule

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The impact player rule will be implemented again in IPL 2024. According to the rules of Impact Player, after the toss, both the captains will have to give the names of 5 substitute players. The team will be able to select any one player from these four players selected by the captain as an impact player.

Batting and bowling teams will be able to use this player at any time in the match. This 12th player can change the course of the match as soon as he enters the field.

4. One Point Each If The Match Is Cancelled

If a match in the Indian Premier League 2024 is cancelled due to rain, then in such a situation one point each is given to the account of both teams. These rules are used in group-stage matches.

A provision for reserve day has also been made for the final. In IPL, a match is cancelled when both teams cannot complete even 10 overs of play or the match cannot even start.

5. Penalty For Slow Over Rate

There is a lot of discussion about the lover rate in IPL. But this time if this happens, there will be punishment in the match itself. Like International T20, during all the overs bowled after the cutoff time, only 4 players will remain on the boundary.

Under normal circumstances, 5 fielders can remain on the boundary after the powerplay. In such a situation, captains must also keep the deadline in mind.

6. Permission To Bowl Two Bouncers Per Over

One of the most significant changes from the IPL includes allowing bowlers to bowl two bouncers per over, up from the previous limit of just one. While T20Is closely follow ICC rules, which allow only one short ball per over, Tests and One Day Internationals (ODIs) allow two bouncers per over.

7. New Opportunity To Challenge Batsmen

This strategic change aims to level the playing field between bat and ball, giving bowlers a new opportunity to challenge the batsmen.

The decision to implement this rule has been taken after a successful trial in India’s domestic T20 championship, the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

8. Smart Replay System Will Make IPL Exciting

With the introduction of the second bouncer rule, IPL 2024 will usher in the tournament with the Smart Replay System, a cutting-edge technology set to revolutionize umpiring decisions.

Powered by eight high-speed Hawk-Eye cameras deployed around the field, the system provides real-time images to assist the TV umpire, facilitating quicker and more accurate decision-making.


Bypassing the need for a TV broadcast director as an intermediary, the system gives umpires direct access to a wide range of visuals, including split-screen photos. The arrangement is set to streamline the review process and increase the overall efficiency of decision-making during matches.

Additionally, the continuation of the impact player rule, introduced last season, allows teams to strategically substitute a player mid-match, adding a layer of tactical depth to the game.

Hope, after reading the ‘New Rules And Regulations For IPL 2024 Season Players‘ blog you properly understood which new rules were added in the IPL Rule Book.

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