Most Popular Player In IPL 2024

Most Popular Player In IPL 2024

Most Popular Player In IPL 2024 – IPL Most Popular Player: It is difficult for anyone to tell which player is the most popular in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Because many best players from all over the world participated in this tournament, if seen, in IPL, often only those teams get the most support whose players have more supporters. Today we are going to discuss the “Most Popular Player In IPL 2024” topic in detail.

So let us know IPL Most Popular Player 2024.

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Most Popular Player In IPL 2024

Many times, due to the support of the players, the home ground belongs to another team and more spectators from the other team come to watch the match there. There is only one reason for this and that is the popularity of the players of that team.

List Of Most Popular Player In IPL 2024

Till now, five popular players have been placed before you which are most liked in IPL. But now it is the turn to know about their records.

So let us know how their records have been in IPL:

Player Name Match Runs
M S Dhoni 250 5082
Virat Kohli 237 7263
Rohit Sharma 243 6211
AB de Villiers 184 5162
David Warner 176 6397

Most Popular Indian Player In IPL 2024

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Who does not know about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s most successful former captain who has retired from the international team?

He is such a great player that wherever he goes to play a match, a whole yellow sea can be seen. Dhoni is the captain of Chennai Super Kings and he has been captaining this team since the start of IPL in 2008.

Dhoni’s popularity is so high that when he comes to bat in the last overs, be it on the ground or among the people watching on TV a different enthusiasm is seen. All viewership records are broken on OTT.

So it would not be wrong to say that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most popular player in IPL 2024.

2. Virat Kohli

It is easy to guess the second name because everyone knows that if anyone’s name is taken after Dhoni, it is Virat Kohli.

If RCB gets so much support then the biggest reason for it is Virat Kohli. Kohli, who has captained RCB in the IPL, is the batsman who has scored the most runs in this tournament.

So after Dhoni, he is the second player whose popularity is highest.

3. Rohit Sharma

After Dhoni and Virat, comes Team India’s dangerous opener and Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma.

This player has won the maximum number of five IPL trophies equal to Dhoni in IPL. And he is the third player who has the most fans.

Most Popular Foreign Player In IPL 2024

Till now you have seen only the names of Indians who are most popular in IPL. Now it’s time to know about the popularity of foreign players:

1. AB de Villiers-

The first name that comes to mind is the great former RCB player AB de Villiers, whose bat speed is known to everyone. His popularity is not only in South Africa and India but also in every corner of the world, wherever people like cricket.

2. David Warner-

Australia’s brilliant batsman David Warner, who has played for many teams in the IPL, is also no less popular in the IPL. Indian audience likes him a lot.

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