Most Dangerous Fielders In IPL 2024

Most Dangerous Fielders In IPL 2024: Ever since T-20 and ODI cricket came into existence, the importance of fielding has increased. The fielding of the Indian cricket team was not as good earlier as it is now.

India currently has the best fielders in the world. There are many such brilliant fielders in world cricket also. Which can change the outcome of the match. Let us tell you about the 5 Most Dangerous Fielders In IPL 2024.

Most Dangerous Fielders In IPL 2024

Now we will see ‘Who is the most dangerous fielder in the ipl‘ or ‘India ka sabse khatarnak fielder kaun hai‘:

5. Ravindra Jadeja

This brilliant all-rounder of the Indian team is considered one of the best fielders in world cricket. Jadeja has helped the Indian team many times in turning the tide of the match with the help of his fielding. Jadeja’s brilliant throw is famous all over the world, who can forget his fast run out in the field?

Jadeja is such a player of the Indian team who can contribute in bowling, batting and fielding. Jadeja has taken 52 catches in ODI cricket so far. He has 31 catches in the Test and 18 catches in the T20.

4. Virat Kohli

Indian team captain Virat Kohli is also among the best fielders in the world. On the one hand, Virat Kohli gives sleepless nights to the bowlers in batting, on the other hand in his fielding also this player has no competition.

Kohli’s agility on the field is worth seeing. No ball passes him either. Virat’s throw is also very accurate.

Virat has taken 72 catches in his name in test matches. Whereas in ODI he has taken 106 catches in his name. He has 33 catches in his name in T-20.

3. David Warner

This opening batsman of the Australian team is currently away from cricket due to ball tampering. The way this player bats dangerously. Similarly, in fielding too, no one stays close to this player. Every cricket fan in the world is impressed by Warner’s excellent fielding.

This player has taken 48 catches so far in ODI cricket. This player has taken 53 catches in Test cricket. He has also taken a catch as a Test cricket wicketkeeper. If we talk about T-20 cricket, this player has 40 catches in his name.

2. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is considered the best batsman of the IPL. This brilliant player of India has won many matches for India. Raina has taken many such catches which are impossible.

Scoring runs in front of Raina is considered the most difficult task. Raina’s throw is very accurate. Currently, Jonty Rhodes has considered this player as the best fielder in the world.

Suresh Raina has taken 102 catches in his name in ODIs. This player has taken 42 catches in T-20. If we talk about Test, he has 23 catches in his name.

1. David Miller

This South African batsman is famous for his fast batting. This player is also considered the best in the world in fielding. A few months ago, in the T-20 match against Pakistan, this player got the title of Man of the Match because of his fielding.

Miller has taken 56 catches in ODI matches so far. This player has taken 45 catches in his name in T-20. This player has not had a chance to play a Test yet.

These 5 players are the most dangerous fielder in ipl 2024 (bharat ka sabse khatarnak fielder).

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