Most Catches In IPL

Most Catches In IPL 2024

Most Catches In IPL 2024: In the IPL, people mostly pay attention to the batting and bowling performance and criticize it. But we often ignore the main department of cricket fielding is a side of cricket that can also make any match and spoil.

Due to this, it becomes very important to do good in this department, otherwise it does not take time to slip the match.  Many players in the IPL have given their best during fielding and have played an important role in the victory of the team.

But some players have taken many catches in the history of this league. So let, we tell you today about some such players who have done amazing with their fielding on the field-

Most Catches In IPL 2024

Rank Player Match Catch
1 Virat Kohli 244 111
2 Suresh Raina 205 109
3 Kieron Pollard 189 103
4 Rohit Sharma 243 98
5 Ravindra Jadeja 226 97
6 Shikhar Dhawan 217 96
7 AB de Villiers 184 90
8 Manish Pandey 170 81
9 David Warner 176 81
10 Dwayne Bravo 161 80

List Of Most Catches In IPL 2024

Now, let’s see ‘most catches by a player in ipl 2024‘:

5- Shikhar Dhawan (97 Catches)

The name of Captain Shikhar Dhawan, captain of Punjab Kings, comes to the end of this list. Dhawan also gives his best while batting on the field along with batting. He has played a total of 214 matches in the IPL with his name 97 catches.

4- Rohit Sharma (98 Catches)

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is at number four in this list. Along with being the most successful captain of this league, he has also given his best in fielding. Rohit is one of the safest fielders in this league, who barely makes a mistake during fielding.

He has played a total of 238 matches in this league, in which he has caught 98 catches. He has taken the most 3 catches in a match in his IPL career.

3- Kieron Pollad (103 Catches)

In this list, the name of West Indies power hitter Kieron Pollard comes in third place. He is also known for his batting as well as his brilliant fielding. Pollads have increased the difficulties in the match for the rest of the teams with their performance in the IPL for a long decade.

He has played a total of 189 matches in this league in which he has caught 103 catches. His name is the highest in a match.

2- Suresh Raina (109 Catches)

Former Chennai Super Kings (CSK) former player Suresh Raina holds the record for the most catches in IPL. In this league, Raina is known as Mr. IPL has performed her best in batting as well as fielding.

He has played a total of 205 matches in the IPL in which he has caught 109 catches. One match is his maximum 3 catches. Raina has been known for her tremendous fielding since the early days of her career, as people know her for her big hitting.

Once the ball came to them, it was impossible to get that ball from his hand. He used to make the most difficult catch easy for himself and used to grab it very easily.

1. Virat Kohli (111 Catches)

Former captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Virat Kohli is first on the list of most catches in ipl. Along with batting, he is also King in fielding. He is also twice as much as fledging with batting. Virat is a very tight and cautious player on the field.

He has played a total of 234 matches in this league so far, in which he has 111 catches. He has taken a maximum of two catches in an IPL match.

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