List Of IPL Purple Cap Winners 2008 To 2024

List Of IPL Purple Cap Winners 2008 To 2024

List Of IPL Purple Cap Winners 2008 To 2024: IPL is not only for the batsmen but also for the bowlers.

Just as orange caps are given to batsmen in IPL, similarly purple caps are given to bowlers. For this, the bowler has to perform well not just in one match but throughout the season.

The bowler who takes the most wickets in the entire season is given the Purple Cap. So let’s start knowing about the bowlers who won the Purple Cap from 2008 to 2023.

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What Is Mean Purple Cap In IPL?

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), the “Purple Cap” is an award given to the leading wicket-taker in a particular IPL season. The term “Purple Cap” comes from the fact that the award itself is a purple-coloured cap.

Throughout the IPL season, the Purple Cap is awarded to the bowler who has taken the most wickets in the tournament up to that point. It’s a prestigious honour and often signifies exceptional bowling performance in the league.

The Purple Cap holder is a significant figure in the competition and is often closely followed by fans and pundits alike. At the end of the tournament, the bowler with the highest number of wickets typically receives the Purple Cap as a symbol of their achievement.

List Of IPL Purple Cap Winners 2008 to 2024:

Let’s know the purple cap winners list 2024:

List of Purple Cap Winners in IPL (2008-2024)

Let’s see the table of ‘IPL Purple Cap Winners List‘:

2008 Sohail Tanvir Rajasthan Royals 22
2009 RP Singh Deccan Chargers 23
2010 Pragyan Ojha Deccan Chargers 21
2011 Lasith Malinga Mumbai Indians 28
2012 Morne Morkel Delhi Daredevils 25
2013 Dwayne Bravo Chennai Super Kings 32
2014 Mohit Sharma Chennai Super Kings 23
2015 Dwayne Bravo Chennai Super Kings 26
2016 Bhuvneshwar Kumar Sunrisers Hyderabad 23
2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar Sunrisers Hyderabad 26
2018 Andrew Tye Kings XI Punjab 24
2019 Imran Tahir Chennai Super Kings 26
2020 Kagiso Rabada Delhi Capitals 30
2021 Harshal Patel Royal Challengers Bangalore 32
2022 Yuzvendra Chahal Rajasthan Royals 27
2023 Mohammed Shami Gujarat Titans 28

1: Sohail Tanvir

Played for the first time in IPL 2008 and the very first season, Sohail Tanvir took the maximum of 22 wickets while playing for Rajasthan Royals. He took 22 wickets in only 11 matches.

2: R.P. Singh

Indian bowler and R.P. Singh, who played for Deccan Charger Hyderabad in IPL, won the Purple Cap title in the second season of IPL i.e. 2009. At that time, R.P. took 23 wickets in 16 matches. Were.

3: Pragyan Ojha

In the third season of IPL i.e. 2010, the Purple Cap was in the name of Pragyan Ojha. At that time, Pragyan had taken 21 wickets in 16 matches while playing for Deccan Charger Hyderabad.

4: Lasith Malinga

Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga, known all over the world as the Yorker King, took the most wickets in the fourth edition of the IPL. While playing for Mumbai Indians, he took 28 wickets in 16 matches.

5: Morne Morkel

In the fifth edition of IPL, South African fast bowler Morne Morkel took 25 wickets in 16 matches in 2012 while playing for Delhi Daredevils.

6: Dwayne Bravo

West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo won the Purple Cap in the sixth and eighth editions of IPL. In 2013, he took an impressive 32 wickets while playing for Chennai Super Kings. A year later i.e. in 2015, he once again won the Purple Cap by taking 26 wickets.

7: Mohit Sharma

The seventh edition of IPL was once again in the name of Chennai Super Kings bowler Mohit Sharma. At that time, he won the Purple Cap by taking 23 wickets in 16 matches.

8: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

In the ninth and tenth editions of IPL, Bhuvneshwar Kumar performed brilliantly and was successful in winning the Purple Cap for two consecutive years. In 2016, Bhuvneshwar had 23 wickets and then in 2017, he took 26 wickets.

9: Andrew Tye

The eleventh edition of IPL was named after Australian fast bowler Andrew Tye. Andrew Tye took the maximum of 24 wickets while playing for Kings XI Punjab in 2018.

10: Imran Tahir-

Now it was the turn of the twelfth IPL edition and once again Chennai Super Kings bowler Imran Tahir did his magic and took 26 wickets in 2019.

11: Kagiso Rabada

The 2020 IPL was named after Kagiso Rabada, who played for Delhi Capitals. At that time he had taken an impressive 30 wickets and had won the Purple Cap.

12: Harshal Patel

In 2021, RCB’s Harshal Patel bowled brilliantly and took a maximum of 32 wickets in that season.

13: Yuzvendra Chahal

In 2022, the Purple Cap was named after the spinner and this title was won by Yuzvendra Chahal, playing for Rajasthan Royals. He took a maximum of 27 wickets that season.

14: Mohammed Shami

Last time i.e. while playing for Gujarat Titans in the 2023 IPL, Mohammed Shami won the Purple Cap title by taking an impressive 28 wickets.

IPL Purple Cap | Bowlers taking 30 or more wickets

Dwayne Bravo first took 32 wickets in 2013. He was a part of the Chennai Super Kings at that time.
For the second time in 2021, Harshal Patel also took 32 wickets in his name. Patel was part of the RCB team at that time.
Kagiso Rabada came in the 2020 IPL and took 30 wickets in his name that season. He was a part of Delhi Capitals at that time. bet on orange and purple cap and list of purple cap winners in ipl.

List Of IPL Purple Cap Winners 2008 To 2024

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