IPL Teams Fans Followers On Social Media 2024

Unsuccessful Team In IPL 2024 – IPL Teams Fans Followers On Social Media 2024: Of all the IPL teams, if they have the biggest support system, it is their fans. Any team is incomplete without its fans.

Ten players of a team play on the field, but the spectators of that team act as the twelfth player. When any team cannot take wickets, spectators support them and boost the bowler.

But the problem arises here that all the teams have Indian players, so how can we find out who is supporting whom? So in today’s time, social media is doing its work openly in every field.

Supporters support their team on different social media. Here we will talk about fan following of IPL teams. Which includes Twitter (X), Facebook and Instagram.

So, let’s move on to the main topic Most Followed IPL Social Media 2024:

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IPL Teams Fans Followers On Social Media 2024

1. IPL Team Fans Followers On Twitter (X)

Here we will just know about Twitter (X) followers and which IPL team has the most followers:

Sr. No. IPL Team  Followers
1 Chennai Super Kings 10.1 Million
2 Mumbai Indians 8.2 Million
3 Royal Challengers Bangalore 6.9 Million
4 Kolkata Knight Riders 5.2 Million
5 Sunrisers Hyderabad 3.2 Million
6 Punjab Kings 2.9 Million
7 Rajasthan Royals 2.7 Million
8 Delhi Capitals 2.5 Million
9 Lucknow Super Giants 767.1 K
10 Gujarat Titans 536.5 K

Chennai Super Kings leads in terms of followers on Twitter (X). After this team is Mumbai Indians.

2. IPL Team Fans Followers On Facebook

Here we will just learn about Facebook followers and which IPL team has the most followers:

Sr. No. IPL Team  Followers
1 Kolkata Knight Riders 17+ million followers
2 Mumbai Indians 14 million followers
3 Chennai Super Kings 13 million followers
4 Royal Challengers Bangalore 10 million followers
5 Punjab Kings 8.7 million followers
6 Delhi Capitals 8.3 million followers
7 Sunrisers Hyderabad 6.2 million followers
8 Rajasthan Royals 5 million followers
9 Gujarat Titans 1.2 million followers
10 Lucknow Super Giants 770k followers

While Chennai Super Kings was at the forefront on Twitter (X), Kolkata Knight Riders had the most number of supporters on Facebook.

This team has collected the maximum number of 17 million followers on Facebook and no one is visible anywhere near it.

2. Most Followed IPL teams On Instagram:

After knowing the fans on Twitter (X) and Facebook, now comes the turn to know about the followers of today’s most popular social media platform Instagram.

Many players participating in IPL are seen making reels on this platform. Reels are also posted from the social media handles of the IPL team. So let us know which team is at the forefront on Instagram:

Sr. No. IPL Team  Followers
1 Mumbai Indians 12.9 million followers
2 Chennai Super Kings 12.9 million followers
3 Royal Challengers Bangalore 11.3 million followers
4 Kolkata Knight Riders 3.9 million followers
5 Delhi Capitals 3.5 million followers
6 Rajasthan Royals 3.3 million followers
7 Gujarat Titans 3.3 million followers
8 Sunrisers Hyderabad 3.1 million followers
9 Punjab Kings 3 million followers
10 Lucknow Super Giants 2.9 million followers

There is a close contest between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Both of them have 12.9 million followers at present. Let us tell you that this winning data is also till 6th February 2024.

Because the followers of the teams keep increasing day by day. If all three are taken together then Chennai Super Kings will be the team with the most followers in IPL.

Which IPL Team Has Most Followers On Social Media

Which team has the maximum number of fans on which social media? All the information about this has been given to you in this article. MI and CSK are the most followed ipl team on social media.

If you want to know about more records with similar research, then you will have to read the blogs of www.iplwinnerslist.in

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