IPL Jersey 2024

IPL Jersey 2024: All Teams Unveil Their Jersey For IPL

IPL Jersey 2024 – IPL All Team Jersey 2024: Friends, as you know our articles provide you with all the things and information related to cricket. So in this article, we are going to tell you about the jerseys of the teams playing in the IPL.

Friends, this time in the 2024 IPL, the jerseys of some teams are the same as they were in the last season. However, some changes have been made to the jerseys of some teams.

IPL Jersey 2024

So, let’s move towards the main article and learn about “TATA IPL Jersey 2024” or ‘ipl 2024 all team jersey

Chennai Super Kings Jersey 2024

Image Source: www.chennaisuperkings.com

CSK players can be easily seen wearing their iconic yellow ipl 2024 jersey. Chennai Super Kings secured a three-year contract with TVS Eurogrip in 2022, making them the lead sponsor for IPL 2022 from 2022 to 2024.

The sponsor’s name, TVS Eurogrip is proudly displayed on the front of the CSK jersey, while Gulf is visible in the top right corner. Furthermore, the CSK team logo, with four stars symbolizing their impressive number of IPL trophies won in different seasons, is placed prominently in the top left corner.

Additionally, on the back of the jersey, the players’ names and numbers are written beautifully in blue, along with the Bharat Cement logo.

Additionally, on the top of the jersey, one can find the printed hashtag #WhistlePodu, which CSK consistently employs in its social media campaigns and activities.

You’ll notice the names and logos of their valued sponsors are proudly printed on both sides of the sleeves, further highlighting the team’s strong partnership.

Mumbai Indians Jersey 2024

MI Jersey 2024
Image Source: amazon

The Indian team has been one of the most successful teams in the IPL Premier League. Mumbai Indians 2024 players will be seen attracting everyone with their blue colour of IPL. Apart from this, most of the book-winning teams have their byes and logos on their ipl team new jersey 2024.

Along with this, the golden colour has also been used in the jersey of the Mumbai Indians. The names of the flares will be visible on the jersey in golden colour as well as some history will also be visible which will make the jersey more attractive.

This year you will see many brands lining up as sponsors for Mumbai Indians. Furthermore, all the details of MI sponsors, merchandise, digital partners, and official partners are listed below. Additionally, Slice has become the official major sponsor of Mumbai Indians for the next year.

RCB Jersey 2024

RCB jersey 2024
Image Source: www.royalchallengers.com

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) introduces an attractive design for its franchise in the Indian Premier League 2024. The team’s jersey design is creatively divided into two distinct sections. RCB jersey is a lovely ipl team jersey 2024.

RCB’s jersey for IPL 2024 features a stunning combination of red, black and gold colours. The upper part of the jersey sports a dark black shade, while the lower part sees a dark red shade.

The names of the players on the ipl 2024 team jerseys are beautifully printed in golden colour, complementing the overall design. The strategic placement of the brand logo enhances its aesthetic appeal, resulting in a sleek and minimalistic look.

Punjab Kings Jersey 2024

PK jersey 2024
Image Source: www.jiomart.com

Punjab Kings have chosen light red as the colour of their jersey for IPL 2024. The unique choice of this colour makes them stand out across teams and on the field, highlighting their man-based resolve.

The design of the Punjab Kings jersey in IPL 2024 is eye-catching. It reflects the passion for the game. The jersey has been thoughtfully prepared and extends to the bottom portion.

The Punjab Kings jersey has golden brown colour striping, as well as the names of the players, will also be written in golden brown colour this time. This shows their passion as well as roaring in the Punjab Kings jersey to signify the victory. A lion is shown which would symbolize his confidence and his power.

Kolkata Knight Riders Jersey 2024

KKR t shirt 2024
Image Source: www.fancode.com

KKR’s jersey is unique among the men ipl jersey 2024, the purple colour makes it unique. Kolkata Knight Riders have creatively incorporated an attractive mix of blue, gold and purple colours in their jersey design. At the top of the jersey, attractive golden dots can be seen against a vibrant blue background, adding a touch of elegance.

The logo of the team’s main sponsor, Winzo, is placed prominently in the centre of the jersey, showcasing their valued partnership. Additionally, the jersey features a captivating mix of golden colours at the bottom, creating a visually stunning effect that sets it apart from the rest.

Rajasthan Royals Jersey 2024

RR jersey 2024
Image Source: www.rajasthanroyals.com

In IPL 2024, RR i.e. Rajasthan Royals players will wear a distinctive pink & blue eye-catching jersey decorated with horizontal stripes. The front of the jersey proudly displays the logo of their iconic title sponsor, prominently placed in the centre, further enhancing their partnership and brand visibility.

The collar and sleeves of the jersey feature an attractive blue colour, which complements the overall design. Adding to the appeal, the dollar logo is displayed across the chest area, making a bold statement and underscoring his association with the team.

Furthermore, Rajasthan Royals jerseys have attracted attention for their stylish and visually appealing aesthetics. The seamless integration of blue and pink colours along with the striking horizontal stripes, gives the jersey a unique and recognizable identity.

The combination of these colours not only represents the spirit and energy of the team but also their loyal fan base.

SunRisers Hyderabad Jersey 2024

RCB t shirt 2024
Image Source: www.amazon.com

Sunrisers Hyderabad will also come with a unique format this year. You will see Sunrisers Hyderabad players wearing a very unique jersey as both the sleeves are printed in black, and a light orange colour is used on the front and back.

Additionally, the KENT logo is placed on the top right in front of their team logo. The logos of other title sponsors are printed on the front of the SHR jersey.

LSG Jersey 2024

lsg t-shirt

The LSG IPL team kit for IPL 2024 presents an attractive look that attracts attention on the cricket field. The team has opted for a vibrant combination of colours in its kit design, which includes shades of blue, orange and silver.

The jersey features a dynamic interplay of these colours, with the team logo boldly displayed across the chest. The LSG team’s kit also displays the logos of their respected sponsors, strategically placed for maximum visibility.

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) use light ash colour for their jersey design and will use dark orange as the primary colour which can be seen on the shoulders. A little green colour can also be seen in the jersey. Sanjiv Goenka Group owns LSG. He bought the team in IPL 2022 for USD 932 million.

Gujarat Titans Jersey 2024

gt 2024

Gujarat Titans made a great start in IPL 2022 and won the championship title in their very first match. The team is owned by CVC Capital, a leading institution in the sports industry.

For IPL 2022, CVC Capital invested around USD 692 billion in Gujarat Titans. The team’s distinctive blue jerseys feature a printed team logo in the upper left corner, representing their identity and spirit.

As the official principal partner of Gujarat Titans, Athar Energy enjoys a prominent presence on the front side of the team’s jersey.

Delhi Capitals Jersey 2024

dc 2024

Delhi Capitals has created an attractive jersey for IPL 2024 by combining blue and red colours. At the centre of the Delhi Capital Jersey, a gorgeous roaring tiger logo is at the centre, covering the JSW logo.

The collar is decorated with an eye-catching dark red colour, while each cuff boasts a unique charm. The right-hand cuff features a vibrant red, while the left-hand cuff catches the eye with a deep blue, giving the design a distinctive touch.

The presence of the roaring tiger at the bottom of the jersey symbolizes the team’s fearless and indomitable spirit.


How Much Do IPL Jerseys Cost In 2024?

It is a bit difficult to know the price of an IPL jersey in 2024 because the price of the jersey depends on many factors like its branding, which player is wearing it and how many sponsors have invested in it.

What Is The Colour Of Lucknow Super Joint Jersey 2024?

The color of Lucknow Supergiant’s jersey is dark orange along with some green striping which makes the jersey look attractive.

What Is The Colour Of The RCB Jersey 2024?

RCB wears two types of jerseys in the IPL season, one is the normal golden brown red coloured jersey which the IPL wears in almost 99% of its matches and there are many matches in which they have to support the environment, for there is a green coloured jersey. Uses.

Has The Chennai Super Kings Jersey Changed In 2024?

The colour of Chennai Super King’s jersey has been kept the same as it was in 2023. The colour of Chennai Super King’s jersey is yellow.

Has The Jersey Of Mumbai Indians Changed In 2024?

The jersey of Mumbai Indians has not changed, it is the same as it was last year, this time the jersey of Mumbai Indians will be seen in blue colour with golden stripes.

IPL Jersey 2024

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