IPL Fair Play Award Winners List 2008 To 2024

IPL Fair Play Award Winners List 2008 To 2024: The Indian Premier League is the most popular T20 cricket tournament in the world.

Here players and teams get a chance to win many prizes. Such as IPL Orange Cap, Purple Cap, Man Of The Match, Man Of The Series, Most Valuable Player, Emerging Player of the Year etc.

Apart from this, the team that plays the game in the right spirit is honoured with the IPL Fair Play Award.

Let me tell you, Delhi Capitals has won the Fair Play Award IPL 2024.

In this article, we will take a look at the “IPL Fair Play Award Winners List 2008 To 2024“.

So let’s move towards the article and learn about the List Of IPL Fair Play Award Winners 2008 To 2024:

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What Is Mean The IPL Fair Play Award?

The IPL Fairplay Award is given to the team that displays the best conduct both on and off the field. Teams are judged on their adherence to the rules of the game, spirit of the game and level of respect towards their opponents and umpires.

The team with the highest play points at the end of the tournament wins the IPL Fair Play Award 2024.

Fair Play Award IPL 2024:

Now, let’s see about ‘ipl fair play award table 2024‘:


Punjab Kings

12 10.25 123

Sunrisers Hyderabad

12 10.25 123

Chennai Super Kings

12 10.08 121

Rajasthan Royals

11 9.82 108

Lucknow Super Giants

12 9.75 117

Mumbai Indians

13 9.69 126

Delhi Capitals

12 9.67 116

Gujarat Titans

12 9.67 116

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

12 9.67 116

Kolkata Knight Riders

12 9.50 114

IPL 2024 Award Winners List

  • Striker of the match- Venkatesh Iyer
  • Ultimate Fantasy Player- Mitchell Starc
  • Super Sixes of the Match Award- Venkatesh Iyer
  • Most fours in the match- Rahmanullah Gurbaz
  • Most dot balls- Harshit Rana
  • Player of the match- Mitchell Starc
  • Emerging Player- Nitish Reddy
  • Striker of the Season- Fraser McGurk
  • Fantasy Player of the Season- Sunil Narayan
  • Super Sixes of the Season- Abhishek Sharma
  • Most fours in the season- Travis Head
  • Best Catch- Ramandeep Singh
  • Fairplay Award- Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Purple Cap- Harshal Patel
  • Orange Cap- Virat Kohli
  • Most Valuable Player- Sunil Narayan
  • Best Pitch and Ground- Hyderabad
  • Winner- KKR
  • Runner-up – Sunrisers Hyderabad

How Are The IPL Fair Play Awards Calculated?

After understanding ‘fairplay award ipl 2024‘ let’s see how ipl fair play awards calculate. The IPL Fairplay Awards are calculated based on a points system. Its points are given based on the team’s conduct on and off the field. The system for calculating IPL Fairplay Award points is given below:

  1. Points are awarded to each team by the umpires after every match based on their conduct on the field. A team can earn a maximum of 10 points.
  2. Teams are also evaluated on their conduct off the field, including their respect for the opposing team, umpires, and the game in general.
  3. The team with the highest fairplay points at the tournament’s end is declared the IPL Fairplay Award winner.

It is noteworthy that in case of a tie, the team with a better net run rate in the tournament is declared the winner. If there is still a tie, the teams share the prize.

What Is The Prize Money For IPL Fair Play Award Winner 2024?

There is no specific prize money for fairplay ipl (Indian Premier League). The Fair Play Award is an award given to the team that displays the best conduct and sportsmanship on the field throughout the tournament.

The winning team receives a trophy and recognition for their fair play and good conduct. Although no specific prize money is given for this award, it is still considered a prestigious honour for the winning team.

IPL Fair Play Award Winners List 2008 To 2024

The following is the list of IPL Fair Play Award Winners List 2008 To 2024 for all seasons since the tournament’s inception in 2008:

Season IPL Fair Play Table 2024
2008 Chennai Super Kings
2009 Kings XI Punjab
2010 Chennai Super Kings
2011 Chennai Super Kings
2012 Rajasthan Royals
2013 Chennai Super Kings
2014 Chennai Super Kings
2015 Chennai Super Kings
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2017 Gujrat Lions
2018 Mumbai Indians
2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2020 Mumbai Indians
2021 Rajasthan Royals
2022 Rajasthan Royals/Gujarat Titans
2023 Delhi Capitals

This is the ‘ipl 2024 fair play list‘.

Which Team Has Won The Most FairPlay Award In IPL?

Chennai Super Kings have won the most fair play awards winner in IPL. CSK has won the Fair Play Award 6 times.

Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals have won the Fair Play Award 3 times each. Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the Fair Play award twice in IPL history.

IPL Fair Play Award

The IPL Fairplay Award inspires me to play the game of cricket in the spirit of sportsmanship. Teams that win this award not only showcase their skills on the field but also demonstrate their sportsmanship and respect for the game.

Friends, which team do you think will be next on the list of IPL 2024 Fairplay Award Winners? You must reply in the comment section.

Now let’s see who will win the ipl fair play award 2024.

How Many Times CSK Won Fair Play Award?

CSK have won the most fair play awards winner in IPL. CSK has won the FairPlay Award 6 times.

Fair Play Award IPL 2024 Table

You can read fairplay ipl 2024 in the upper article.

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