IPL Ball Price And Facts 2024

IPL Ball Price And Facts 2024

IPL Ball Price And Facts 2024 – IPL Ball Price 2024: Test cricket game is the oldest format, while Twenty-20 cricket came after ODI and Test matches. Apart from International T20, many T20 leagues are played across the world including IPL.

At present, the matches of IPL 2024 are going on, but do you know the price of the balls used in IPL? Various balls are used in various formats of cricket.

The red ball is used in the Test format, whereas the white ball is generally used in the T20 format apart from ODI. IPL balls especially those from top brands are often crafted from high-quality materials such as Australian leather.

They feature a sophisticated construction with layers of cork and a hallmark four-piece construction, enhancing their performance.

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IPL White Ball Price 2024: Balls Of These Companies Are Used

But do you know the price of ball used in ipl 2024? Apart from ODI, a white ball is used in International T20 and IPL matches. Crafted from first-grade white steer hide and featuring layers of quality cork wound, which contributes to their waterproof nature and overall performance.

Apart from Kookaburra, SG company is the most popular among ball manufacturing companies. Apart from IPL, all the balls used in international matches are waterproof, that is, these balls are not affected by water. Apart from ODI, the white ball used in International T20 and IPL matches costs around Rs 12 thousand.

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IPL Ball Price And Facts 2024

Regardless, according to the sports site thesportsrush, the cost of ball used in ipl 2024 from different companies varies. For example, the price of the ball of Kookaburra company is around Rs 12 thousand.

What Is The Price Of Ball Used In IPL 2024?

Apart from this, the price of the white ball of SG company is Rs 4,000. These are made of pure leather, so water cannot enter inside these balls. The high price can also be attributed to their sophisticated design, including an air-dried inner core that enhances durability.

This inner core is encased in multiple layers, including a rubber nucleus, to prevent water penetration. Furthermore, these layers include top-quality cork wound with worsted yarn, contributing to the ball’s premium feel and performance.

Let us tell you that the balls of Kookaburra and SG company are made in Meerut and Jalandhar in India.

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IPL Ball Price 2024

IPL 2024 Ball Price is near Rs 12,000.

Which Ball Is Used In IPL 2024?

In TATA IPL 2024, Kookaburra’s white ball is used.

Cost Of Ball Used In IPL 2024

The price of the ball used in ipl 2024 is around Rs 12 thousand.

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