How Much Loss If One IPL Match Cancel

How Much Loss If One IPL Match Cancel? 2024

How Much Loss If One IPL Match Cancel? 2024 – TATA IPL Match 2024: Have you ever wondered how much loss would be incurred if an IPL match was cancelled? Let us discuss this issue today.

The big match of IPL 2023 between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans was to be played on May 28 at the stadium in Ahmedabad but due to adverse weather conditions, this match was not played.

However, according to the Code of Conduct and “SOP” of IPL, reserve day can also be used for any important match. Due to this, that match can be organized the next day.

On the same basis, the great match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans to be held on 28th May was organized on 29th.

As we all know, the IPL is an important tournament in the cricket world in which players from every corner of the world participate enthusiastically.

You can get an idea from here of the amount of winning prize money in a World Cup which is played after 4 years.

So let’s move on to the “How Much Loss If One IPL Match Cancel? 2024” topic:

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How Much Loss If One IPL Match Cancel? 2024

During the match, you often see that there are big hoardings installed in every corner of the stadium, in which different types of advertisements are shown.

Additionally, after the completion of each over, an advertisement break of 10 to 15 seconds is taken on the mobile application or the TV broadcast. Along with this, a strategic time break of 2 – 2:30 minutes is also taken in every match, in which very long advertisements are shown.

Along with this, the jerseys of IPL franchises have various brands of people, trademark names etc. which are visible to the audience again and again in the replays. Local news shown in the corner of the match during TV broadcasts is very expensive.

IPL is considered a big festival of cricket in India in which people show their interest very enthusiastically. When such a big event is watched by such a large number of people, then whatever advertisements are shown on it according to the number of active users. The price of those advertisements is lakhs per second.

Now bring this to your mind, when an IPL franchise can spend so much money to include a player in its team, then how much money will it charge from its franchise IPL team?

What Happens After The Match Is Cancelled?

When a match is cancelled, there is no telecast of it on the mobile application or TV broadcast. In which no public is active on that application or TV and no advertisement is shown on it.

So as per the contract between the advertising company and the cricket board sponsorship or organization, the advertising companies have to suffer huge losses.

Because there is no telecast of their brand, company, people or tagline their publicity has stopped for that match. But the interesting thing here is that the team does not spend a single penny.

1 IPL Match 2024

After the cancellation of IPL matches, the IPL franchise does not lose even a single penny. For your information, let us tell you that for our protection we take different types of term or health insurance.

Similarly, the IPL franchise takes insurance for itself and its players. Even if the entire IPL gets cancelled due to some national disaster, the IPL franchise still does not suffer a loss of a single penny.

According to reports, we know that insurance is Event Cancellation Insurance. This can be availed by all the franchisees and organisers, sponsors etc., due to which if any disaster occurs, the insurance company will cover all the losses.

Even After Getting Injured, There Is No Loss For The Franchise

If we talk now, even if a player gets injured, there is no loss for the IPL Matches 2024. An IPL franchise, to protect any player of its team from any loss due to injury, takes out insurance for the players.

In which the expenses incurred after their injury and the entire cost of marketing transactions done in their supply are covered by that insurance. The company will pay. And it even includes the fees of that IPL player.

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