Highest Strike Rate In IPL

Highest Strike Rate In IPL 2024

List Of Highest Strike Rate In IPL 2024 – Most Strike Rate In IPL 2024: Be it any season of IPL, the brilliance of the batsmen has always been visible.

Once again discussions about IPL started because the ODI World Cup 2024 is over. This tournament of India is seen globally. That’s why its records also matter.

Usually, it is seen that when a match is stuck, like if more runs are to be scored on fewer balls, then at that time any team sends its explosive batsman to play.

The batsman who has the highest strike rate. So today in this article we are going to tell you who are the batsmen who have the highest strike rate in IPL.

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Highest Strike Rate In IPL 2024

Player Name Match Runs Strike Rates Highest Score Average BF
AD Russell (DC/KKR)
121 2441 174.85 88* 29.76 1396
SP Narine (KKR) 171 1418 165.07 109 16.68 859
LS Livingstone (PBKS/RR)
38 939 163.02 94 29.34 576
72 1575 157.5 77 30.28 1000
131 2751 156.39 95 25.23 1759
V Sehwag (DC/KXIP)
104 2728 155.44 122 27.55 1755
SO Hetmyer (DC/RR/RCB)
70 1213 153.93 75 31.92 788
AB de Villiers (DC/RCB)
184 5162 151.68 133* 39.7 3403
Abhishek Sharma (DC/SRH)
57 1208 150.81 75 24.65 801
YBK Jaiswal (RR)
47 1488 150.45 124 33.06 989
RR Pant (DC) 109 3236 149.19 128* 35.56 2169
142 4965 148.96 175* 39.72 3333
JC Buttler (MI/RR)
105 3542 148.44 124 38.5 2386
61 1456 147.96 95* 31.65 984
PP Shaw (DC) 79 1892 147.46 99 23.94 1283
NT Tilak Varma (MI)
35 1083 147.34 84* 40.11 735
KA Pollard (MI) 189 3412 147.32 87* 28.67 2316
HH Pandya (GT/MI)
133 2506 146.2 91 29.48 1714
JM Bairstow (PBKS/SRH)
47 1541 145.92 114 35.83 1056
SA Yadav (KKR/MI)
146 3425 144.51 103* 31.42 2370
ST Jayasuriya (MI)
30 768 144.36 114* 27.42 532
64 1079 143.48 93 22.47 752
RK Singh (KKR) 40 848 143.24 67* 32.61 592
YK Pathan (KKR/SRH/RR)
174 3204 142.97 100 29.12 2241

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IPL Highest Strike Rate 2024 – Highest Strike Rate In IPL History 2024?

We will not only know about those 5 batsmen but along with them we will also try to talk about the 2 Indian batsmen who have the highest strike rate in the IPL.

1. Andre Russell

Andre Russell, one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world, is at the top in IPL in this matter. This batsman, who had played first for Delhi Capitals and then for KKR, had the power to score runs on any bowler.

This year KKR has released him. Now it remains to be seen how much they bid for in the auction. This player has scored runs in IPL at a strike rate of 174.00.

2. Liam Livingstone

England’s brilliant all-rounder Liam Livingstone, who has played IPL for Punjab and Rajasthan, is second in terms of strike rate in IPL.

Liam may have played fewer matches but his strike rate has been excellent. He has scored runs at a strike rate of 165.60. Which is the highest after Andre Russell.

3. Sunil Narine

You must have heard the name of Sunil Narine a lot in bowling, but KKR or this player has come out to open for his team on many occasions and has also scored runs for his team.

You must have seen many batsmen getting trapped in Narine’s spin, but he is adept at playing with the bowlers also. That is why his strike rate is better than any other batsman. His strike rate in IPL has been 159.69.

4. Glenn Maxwell

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, who scored a double century in the just concluded World Cup, is also known for scoring runs quickly.

Glenn Maxwell has so far played for four teams in IPL and currently, he is a part of RCB. This player has scored runs in the IPL at a strike rate of 157.62.

5. Nicholas Pooran

Cricket watchers will be well aware of what happens when West Indies wicketkeeper-batsman Nicholas Pooran, who plays for Lucknow in the IPL, swings his bat.

On many occasions, he has proved successful in single-handedly leading the team to victory. He is the fifth batsman in IPL who has the highest strike rate. He has scored runs in IPL at a strike rate of 156.79.

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Indian Batsmen With Highest Strike Rate In An Innings In IPL 2024:

IPL Strike Rate 2024, By now you know the names of those players who have been successful in scoring runs at the highest strike rate in IPL.

But you must have noticed that you did not see any Indian batsman in it. So here we will talk about those two batsmen who are known for scoring explosive runs in IPL.

1. Virender Sehwag

Who would not know about former Indian opener and formidable batsman Virender Sehwag? Who was also known for his quick start.

Sehwag is the first batsman from India to score runs at a strike rate of 155.44 in IPL. He is the first Indian batsman whose strike rate has been the highest in IPL. Let us tell you that Sehwag has now retired from IPL also.

2. Yashasvi Jaiswal (IPL Highest Strike Rate 2024)

Currently, India’s rising star and young batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal, who has made a splash by playing for Rajasthan in the IPL, is after Sehwag in this list.

You can imagine how the batting of this batsman would have been, which has left many explosive Indian batsmen behind. Yashasvi Jaiswal has a strike rate of 148.73 in IPL.

This is the complete list of the batsmen who have the highest strike rate in IPL. You will not be able to see even a single Indian batsman in this.

But we have also told about two important batsmen whose strike rate has been the highest in IPL. For more such records, you can read the blogs of www.iplwinnerslist.in


Who Has Highest Strike Rate In IPL?

Andre Russell has one of Highest Strike Rates In IPL.

Who Has The Highest Strike Rate In IPL 2024?

Yet IPL 2024 is not over. Andre Russell has one of the Highest Strike Rates In IPL History.

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