List Of Best IPL Finishers 2024

Best Finisher In IPL 2024

List Of Best Finisher In IPL 2024: It is not so easy to become the best finisher in the world’s biggest cricket league IPL i.e. Indian Premier League. For that you have to come under pressure and score runs quickly.

But you will be happy to know that the first name in this list is that of an Indian batsman. Who is that batsman and who are the other batsmen apart from him? To know everything you have to read this article till the end.

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Top 5 Best Finisher In IPL 2024:

Now, let’s see ‘best finisher in the world 2024’:

1: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings captain and one of the best finishers in the world, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has proved to be the biggest match-winner in the IPL as well.

When Dhoni comes in the last overs, he becomes even more dangerous. Dhoni has scored a maximum of 2632 runs in the last over. And that is why he is the best finisher in IPL. MS Dhoni is ipl ka best finisher hai.

2: Kieron Pollard

Who does not know about Kieron Pollard, the most brilliant all-rounder of Mumbai Indians? In the end, whenever runs were needed, he came and took charge of his team.

Pollard has scored 1708 runs by batting fast in the last over and he is second in the list of best finishers after Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

3: AB de Villiers

When it comes to scoring fast runs in the last overs, how can former Royal Challenger Bangalore batsman AB de Villiers be left behind? Whenever AB has got a chance, he has taken advantage of it and used his bat.

AB de Villiers has scored 1421 runs in the last overs. And he is in 3rd place in the List Of Best IPL Match Finishers.

4: Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik, who has been a part of many IPL teams, also performed well in the last overs. Karthik has scored runs against every team and he has scored 1364 runs in the last overs as a finisher. That is why Dinesh Karthik has one of the dangerous finisher in ipl history.

5: Ravindra Jadeja

Jadeja’s performance in IPL was such that Mahendra Singh Dhoni addressed him as Sir Jadeja. Jadeja has also kept his record good in the last overs. He is the star player of Chennai Super Kings.

When the CSK needs him with the bat, Jadeja performs well with the bat and when the CSK needs him with the ball, R. Jadeja takes wickets & gives them to his team. Ravindra Jadeja has scored 1307 runs in the last overs.

List Of Best IPL Finishers 2024:

Rank Player Not-Outs In Successful IPL Chases
1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni 27
2 Ravindra Jadeja 26
3 Dinesh Kartik 22
=3 Yusuf Pathan 22
5 David Miller 21
6 Dwayne Bravo 20
7 Virat Kohli 19
=7 AB de Villiers 19
=7 Suresh Raina 19
8 Rohit Sharma 18

Till now you have known the names of all those who have scored the most runs in the last overs. But now apart from these, you will know only about the Indian batsmen who have finished the match best in IPL:

  • After Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik and Ravindra Jadeja, the name of hitman Rohit Sharma came who has scored 1149 runs in the last over.
  • After Rohit, there is Hardik Pandya whose performance in IPL has been excellent. He also came in the end and scored 1086 runs.
  • Even Virat Kohli finishes well if he stays till the end. He has scored a brilliant 1045 runs.
    Best finisher in IPL

Now here you will know about the records of the best-finishing batsmen in IPL, at what strike rate they have scored runs and how many innings they have played to score runs.


IPL Ka Best Finisher Kaun Hai?

MS Dhoni, ye ipl ka best finisher hai.

Who Is Most Dangerous Finisher In IPL 2024?

Yet Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most dangerous finisher in ipl.


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