Who Is The Baap Of IPL 2024? Discover Father of IPL

Who Is The Baap Of IPL 2024? Discover Father of IPL – IPL Ka Baap Kon: If you are searching ‘Father Of IPL‘ on Google, then you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, this question has been searched across the internet for a long time, but no one knows about it, so today we will talk about it.

In today’s article, we are going to give you detailed information about Who Is The IPL Baap and who is the owner of IPL. So let’s know about “Baap of IPL” or ‘Pure IPL Ka Baap Kaun Hai?’:

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Baap Of IPL: Indian Premier League Ka Baap Kaun Hai? 2024

Year Baap Of IPL
Kolkata Knight Riders
Chennai Super Kings
2022 Gujarat Titans
Chennai Super Kings
2020 Mumbai Indians
2019 Mumbai Indians
Chennai Super Kings
2017 Mumbai Indians
Sunrisers Hyderabad
2015 Mumbai Indians
Kolkata Knight Riders
2013 Mumbai Indians
Kolkata Knight Riders
Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings
Deccan Chargers
Rajasthan Royals
It is a simple matter, the owner of a thing is given its ownership rights. In this way, the one who started IPL is its real owner. And we can call him his father in common language.

In this way, BCCI and Lalit Modi have started IPL together. According to this, both BCCI and Lalit Modi are the fathers of IPL.

Hope, now you would have come to know about who is the father of IPL.

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IPL Team Ka Baap Kaun Hai 2024

The IPL is not just a cricketing tournament. It was a revolutionary concept introduced by the BCCI in 2008, with “IPL ka Baap” as its unofficial title.

The league aimed to bring together the world’s best cricketers in a format that was both entertaining and competitive. The full form of IPL resonated beyond its acronym, heralding a new era for the sport.

IPL Ka Papa Kon Hai (IPL Ka Baap Kon Hai)

Above we have explained well who is the father of IPL, but we all know it. All the teams participate in IPL, and everyone has their level.

But here we will know about the team which has won the trophy the maximum number of times till now, and the name of that team is ‘Chennai Super Kings‘. This is the team that has won the most number of times so far.

According to this, all of them became ‘Baap of IPL‘. This is the only team that has won the most IPL trophies. Now, you must have come to know who the father of IPL in the team is.

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Cricket Ka Bhagwaan Kaun Hai (God Of Cricket In India)

This is a tricky question, which is mostly asked on Google. But here we will answer this question. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is considered the father of cricket all over the world.

Because he is the king of the cricket world, and he has made many records in his name. Which no one has been able to break to date, and even today he is considered the God of Cricket.


As we delve into the epic journey of the IPL, we find that it’s not just a cricket league; it’s a cultural phenomenon that unites fans globally.

IPL ka Baap kaun hai?” a question that lingers in the cricketing world, and the answer is clear: the Baap of IPL reigns supreme, setting the stage for a new era of cricketing brilliance and establishing itself as the unequivocal king of all cricket leagues.

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How many times has CSK won?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has been the IPL winner 5 times in the IPL so far.

When will IPL start in 2024?

IPL 2024 will start from 22nd March.

When did IPL start?

IPL started in 2008, and it is still being played every year.

When does IPL happen?

IPL starts in March.

Which team has won the most number of times in IPL?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have won the most number of times in IPL.

Who is called the Baap of IPL?

CSK is called the father of IPL because this team has won the most number of times.

How to earn money from IPL?

To earn money from IPL, you have to place online bets on IndiBet, 96In, and Orbit Exchange.

Who has won the most in IPL for the second time?

Mumbai Indians (MI) have registered the maximum number of wins for the second time in IPL.

Who is called the God of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is called the God of Cricket.

Who is the best IPL player in India?

At present the best players of India are MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

How many times has the Mumbai Indians won the final?

Mumbai Indians has been IPL winner 5 times till now.

IPL belongs to which country?

IPL belongs to India.

Who is the owner of IPL?

BCCI and Lalit Modi own the IPL.

Who Is The Baap Of IPL CSK 2024?

Mumbai Indians are the king of ipl baap.

Who Is Baap Of IPL 2024 (आयपीएल चा बाप कोण)?

Mumbai Indians are the baap of ipl 2024.

Google IPL Ka Baap Kaun Hai?

Google IPL Ka Baap Virat Kohli hai.

IPL Ka Papa Kaun Hai?

IPL Ka Papa CSK (Chennai Super King) hai.

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